There are a number of services available which include:

Channel with Spirit Guides or O'Brana

Intuitive Spiritual Readings which includes tarot or angel cards

Polarity Therapy which clears blocks from your chakras and aura

Reiki Sessions

Energetic Block Removal (this is a healing that will help you push through anything that seems to be stopping you from getting what you want). 

If you want additional people to be on the reading there is a $50.00 fee for each additional person.  Please contact me via email regarding how many people and if this is for a 30 min. or 60 min. reading.

Please contact me as to details at (978) 828-7559 or send me an email at to set up a time for your reading, if you send an email please give me three dates and times that you are available. 

I am usually available for same day readings.  Please note that on Saturday and Sunday I have limited times to do readings.  Weekend readings must be set up in advance.  Thank you for understanding.

Please call me to discuss my sliding scale payment. 

I accept all major credit cards.  I also accept checks or money orders.

Channeling with Spirit Guides and/or OBrana will give you answers that you seek for every day guidance.  She is a very high intelligent guide who comes from a universe beyond our own. They are light beings who have been around for centuries and have chosen this time to come through.  They are gentle and kind with the answers but can be firm at times if they need to get the point across about the path that you are on at this moment.  They will open up to you with unbelievable accuracy.

Intuitive Spiritual Readings are very beneficial to help answer questions about where you are right at this moment, what you may need to do in order to move past what is blocking you from a new career or life pattern.  Readings usually take an hour but if you are interested in a 30 minute session please email or call me and we can arrange that.

Reiki and polarity with or without crystals balance your body, mind and spirit.  Reiki is used with several different hand positions over the body.  Polarity is used with or without crystals aligning the meridians in the body.  Meridians are the energy lines running through our bodies that can get clogged and when reopened allows the energy within to flow freely.  You will find yourself becoming more creative after either of these sessions.  Both of these move blocks from the system that are holding you back from being the best possible you.

All of these modalities can be done in person or remotely.  When done remotely we schedule a time that is best for you and I will do the energy work on you as though you are right in front of me.  Intuitive Spiritual Readings may be done over the phone or via email.